Aircash development web site

If you are looking for the third party zero day .ani patches (CVE-2007-0038) I wrote you might want to look here.

You can visit the project page at sourceforge (news about this project will be posted there)

Alternatively you can subscribe to the news feeds if you want to get informed about the project without visiting the web site. The news are not used for spamming like some websites do and have very low traffic. Currently we are not using e-mail lists but could be a future option.

This is the list of the news feeds

You can visit our main site (still under development)

or download the demo video:

For developers I created sort of a compilation with links about security for reference to good practices in order to prevent vulnerabilities before they happen. You might be aware or not about some but it won't hurt to check it. The list can be viewed here.

Contact: halplus @ sourceforge . net or halplus @ cashoncell . com . (unsolicited commercial offers will be sent to the Federal Trade Commission database at for investigation.)

Feel free to write for any problem you see and need solved, to join the project, to port the software to another platform, to submit patches, to provide ideas, for business you might be interested or simply to drink some beer or wine if you pass nearby ;). Logo